Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker

The benefits of a Mortgage Broker are unlimited. A bank only offers the products from their particular institution. Meanwhile, mortgage professionals send millions of dollars in business each year. These include Canada’s banks, credit unions, trust companies, and financial institutions. As a result, agents offer their clients more choice and access to hundreds of products!

Benefits of using a mortgage broker video

Benefits of working with an Agent include trust, confidence, and security of knowing they are getting the best.

Whether you’re buying a home, taking out equity, or your mortgage is up for renewal. It’s important that you make a decision with professional advice.

Benefits of a Mortgage Broker / Agent

More Products

When you deal directly with a bank, they can only offer you products that they have. Similarly, when you deal with an Agent, they offer you the same products but from different institutions. As a result, giving you more choices and more access to the best mortgage for you.

Better Rates

Agents have access to many different products, giving you more options and a chance at a better rate. Agents also sometimes get special discounts that they can offer to their clients.

Easy to Use

Agents have access to multiple products from different institutions. That is to say, only one application is needed to negotiate with all of the different lenders.


When getting a conventional mortgage, agents get paid by the institution. Therefore, the client doesn’t need to pay anything extra.

Expert Advice

Agents deal with cases all day and gain expert experience involving mortgages. Meanwhile, we take these learnings and help our clients navigate their mortgage needs.


Agents aren’t limited to one lender and take this opportunity to do what is best for their client. Giving them the best option that is right for them.


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